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Leak detection

College Point Plumbing & Heating calculate losses produced by each valve and trap in your plant. Then, we rank them in repair order based on their importance to your plant’s overall efficiency.
The inability to isolate a pump or heater while online is a costly problem. In most cases, the problem lies in determining which isolation valve is leaking. Our patented method is the only method that is able to detect small leak signals even in the presence of high background noise.
The ability to eliminate background noise gives us the capability to determine precisely which valve is leaking.
College Point Plumbing & Heating service has successfully identified gas intrusion points within the Nuclear Emergency Core Cooling System. Technical Specification Requirement, piping is verified to be full of water, once every 31 days. Loss impact depends on what is leaking, where the leak goes, and how bad the leak is. A large leak is not always more economically important for repair than a medium leak.